What Can You Pawn?

At King Gold and Pawn, we aim to make everyone feel comfortable by providing them with all relevant information. Here is an extensive list of all the items accepted for pawn at our King Gold and Pawn shops across New York.

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Gold & Jewelry

  • Rings (diamonds, gold, platinum)

  • Necklaces (chains, pendants, lockets, pearls)

  • Bracelets (bangles, charms, tennis)

  • Earrings (studs, hoops, danglers)

  • Watches (luxury, sports, vintage)


Precious Metals

  • Gold (jewelry, coins, bullion, scrap)

  • Silver (coins, flatware, figurines)

  • Platinum (jewelry, coins, ingots)



  • Laptops & Desktops

  • Smartphones & Tablets

  • Gaming Consoles & Accessories

  • Cameras & Photography Equipment

  • Home Audio & Video Equipment


Power Tools & Equipment

  • Drills & Saws

  • Generators & Pressure Washers

  • Lawn Mowers & Snowblowers

  • Hand Tools & Power Tools

  • Construction & Renovation Equipment


Musical Instruments

  • Guitars & Basses

  • Keyboards

  • Percussion Instruments & DJ Equipment

  • Vintage & Collectible Instruments


Sporting Goods

  • Bicycles & Bike Accessories

  • Skis & Snowboards

  • Golf Clubs & Equipment

  • Camping & Hiking Gear

  • Fishing & Hunting Equipment

Top Pawn-Loan Items


Gold, platinum jewelry, especially with diamonds or other gemstones, consistently tops the list due to its high resale value and easy appraisal.


Patek Philippe, Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Vacheron Constantin, A. Lange & Söhne, Omega, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Cartier


Laptops, smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles.

Power Tools

Drills, saws, generators, and other high-quality power tools can fetch decent pawn loan amounts due to their consistent demand and resale value.

Musical Instruments

Popular guitars, drums, keyboards, and other instruments, particularly from reputable brands, can be pawned for good value.

Sporting Goods

Bikes, skis, snowboards, and other high-end sporting equipment often find takers at pawnshops, especially during relevant seasons.

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Collateral Loan Terms
Our AML Collateral Loans are provided at 2.5% per month for the first 120 Days the loan repayment is 4 months. Collateral Loans for up to 4 months are charged a rate of 2.5% per month.  Collateral will be charged a fee not to exceed 2.5% of total value for the purpose of securing and storing items in a vault.  Loans can be paid-off at any time during the loan term at no extra charge.  We will only charge for time in which the loan had a balance outstanding.  All items will be returned to the borrower in the exact condition received after the loan balance has been paid in full.  We hold the right to sell the collateral if the borrower fails to repay the loan as agreed.  The minimum repayment term is 0 days and the maximum is 120 days. The maximum loan term is 120 day. It is not required to pay the entire loan in-full within 119 days.

Example 1
If you borrowed $100 for 30 days you will owe $102.50 on the 31st day.
Example 2
If you borrowed $100 and made a payment $50 during the month, than on the 31st day your balance will be $52.50
Example 3
If you borrowed $100 for 90 days and made no payments during such time than, you will owe $107.50
Example 4
If you borrowed $100 for 120 days and made no payments during such time then your balance will be $110.00

NOTE: Interest is computed based on the principal balance of the loan at the end of each period (120 days). We do not charge interest on the interest amount added to the loan. See example 3 and 4 above. Total APR 30%